Saturday, September 12, 2015

various artists - new brutalism two.

Various Artists - New Brutalism II


109.85 MB + 105.64 MB

1. Exoteric Continent - Campanya
2. Exoteric Continent - Proposta
3. Varg - Alt-Teen Foreplay
4. Varg & Vanity Productions - Eugénie De Montijo
5. Stärker - Endless
6. V. Sinclair - Oblique
7. Ligature - Window To The World
8. Order Of Nine Angels - We Are The Nameless
9. Internazionale - Medora And Gulnare
10. Krube. - Untitled
11. Desroi - Synlab II
12. Fingering Eve - Extinctopia Camouflage
13. Jesuve - Excess II
14. Flysch - Odevšad
15. Cremation Lily - Heart Of The World
16. Jesuve - Excess I
17. Heinz Hopf - Glass På West Pride

honestly, I don't know how many more platitudes I can bestow upon total black...there's not much left to say at this point.

there's a wide range of artists and styles featured on this release, and the packaging is great, as expected...very clean and minimal, which I always enjoy.

brett's in the process of moving right now, so the total black store is down for the time being...if you can't wait, a copy or two are available on discogs, but of course I'd rather you all order straight from the source.

regardless of how you're able to obtain this one, it's excellent and comes highly recommended.

(total support for total black.)

(part one.)

(part two.)


  1. Unrelated to this post although I really enjoy this obscure release... however, I was curious if you ever managed to get a good vinyl rip of the Arizmenda Stillbirth album and the new volahn... There do not seem to be many good quality vinyl rips and I want to hear it in higher quality.. Thanks man and keep it up with the great noise/black metal releases...

    1. I have bandcamp rips of both...shoot me an email if you're interested.