Thursday, September 10, 2015

false moniker / cremation lily - a river returning to sea.

False Moniker / Cremation Lily - A River Returning To Sea


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1. False Moniker - Identity As Another
2. Cremation Lily - Every Opulent Dream Of Man

here's the newest release from niels and zen, this time in the form of a split.

the material on this tape is definitely a lot noisier than much of their recent output, be it solo or collaborative.

and I like it.

copies are sold out from the label, although one is currently for sale on discogs...but don't let that stop you from supporting zen and his efforts directly - buy something from strange rules and sign up for the newsletter to stay on top of new releases.

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  1. Anxiously awaiting this batch! Especially looking forward to this one and Mlehst.