Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the rita / herukrat - red imprint from ankle ribbon.

The Rita / Herukrat - Red Imprint From Ankle Ribbon


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1. The Rita - Ludmila Semenyaka
 2. Herukrat -  Woman On Beach With Head Turned
3. Herukrat - Red Imprint From Ankle Ribbon

as expected, more greatness these two acts.

I'm loving the rita's recent foray into the exploration of ballet techniques and herukrat just never fails to deliver.

released via nil by mouth, a label with an excellent track record.

a few copies are still available from analog worship via the link below, and I hear total black will be getting a few, too.

an obvious purchase.

(buy a copy from analog worship.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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  1. Could you re-upload this please? Thanks for all the The Rita posts, the material is mind-blowing.