Thursday, October 9, 2014

skullflower / mastery.

Skullflower / Mastery


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1. Skullflower - Wolf Age
2. Skullflower - Red Crystal Serpent
3. Skullflower - Black Sunshine
4. Mastery - Blood Electric

skullflower is a long-running noise project from matthew bower of korperschwache that features a rotating cast of members...most notably including, at one time or another, lee stokoe of culver and george proctor of white medal.

mastery is a raw black metal project from ephemeral domignostika whose demo compilation, "barbaric usurpation of the hypereonic black metal throne," is essential listening.

both of these artists should be on your radar, but if not, this is a fine place to start.

released last year by cold spring records, this vinyl-only release was limited to five hundred copies, including 100 hand-numbered copies on green marble vinyl. these two artists might seem too divergent for a successful split, but they actually compliment each other quite nicely.

it's all very dense but unfurls itself perfectly after just a few listens - and any new mastery material is much appreciated. although the project has been active sine 2005, only two new recording have surfaced in the last few years, the other being a split with palace of worms that the flenser released in 2012.

copies are sold out from the label but are available on discogs - definitely a worthy addition to any noise or black metal fan's collection.

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