Thursday, October 30, 2014

arizmenda - stillbirth in the temple of venus.

Arizmenda - Stillbirth In The Temple Of Venus


120.4 MB

1. Scabbed Knees, Rope and Vaseline
2. Cum In Your Wound
3. Rotted Seed...Poisoned Egg
4. Innocence And Illness 
5. Satyriasis
6. Voices In My Bed

that's right - I don't know most of the track titles for this one.

the label hasn't released the names of the rest of the tracks, they're not listed on this limited tour version of the tape, and a few cursory internet searches didn't reveal anything, so it is what it of now, I've left them untitled, but I'll happily go back in and add them once they're available.

UPDATE: track titles have been added thanks to an anonymous commenter. thanks.

if you've been into the first two arizmenda releases, this one will be familiar territory...that's not necessarily a bad thing, but a little musical growth would be's still that swirling, chaotic black metal we all know so well.

nevertheless, it's an enjoyable release and I know I need to spend more time with it...these are all just rough first impressions. I'm guessing that this one will reveal more of itself over time, as the band's first two albums did so expertly...just need to give it some time.

the dubbing quality isn't the best, a fact made more apparent when listening with headphones, but it's a solid album that will appeal to fans of the band, the label, and the genre.

a few copies should still be available via the link below. I assume digital and vinyl versions will be available at some point soon, but who knows.

(buy a copy from crepusculo negro.)

(for preview purposes only.)


  1. Thank you for this rip!!! Was there ever a proper high quality rip of their 2nd album? (Without cirumference nor center) Most rips I have ever found are still of lower quality...

    Thanks again!

    1. official stream is available here:

      I have a version of "without circumference..." that I've labeled as the remastered dismal cursings version...not sure how much better it is, but I can upload if necessary...

    2. You should upload it, I have the dismal cursings tape but I'd like a good digital version since I drive about 2 hours a day 5 days a week and need jams to listen to.

      I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

  2. Thank you very much man, again , I love your blog !!!! Keep up the awesome raw black metal posts!!

  3. On this right now.. the first thing that hit me was, obviously, the whole sound of it. About the missing title tracks.. well.. if they follow the first two. What's going on in those minds? ;)

    1. I don't think we'll ever know...and we probably wouldn't want to, anyway.

  4. 1 Scabbed Knees, Rope And Vaseline
    2 Cum In Your Wound
    3 Rotted Seed...Poisoned Egg
    4 Innocence And Illness
    5 Satyriasis
    6 Voices In My Bed

  5. Is it the cassette sound so distorted or is it the rip? Cause the 2 tracks @ bandcamp aren't. Nevertheless, thanks.

  6. why they ruin every Arizmenda album with such shitty dubbing. bandcamp samples were perfect.

    1. agreed...but this is a tour version, so hopefully they'll push out a pro-tape version with better quality in the near future...