Monday, August 11, 2014

various algae - civic occult biology.

Various Algae - Civic Occult Biology


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1. Withdrawal Method - These Days Of Knives Bring Nights Of Blood
2. Covered In Sand - They Walk Deserted Streets
3. Laureate - 1912; Grignard Reagent
4. Ahlzagailzehguh - Dominant & Conservative
5. Covered In Sand - Soho Leanings
6. Ahlzagailzehguh - Fiscal Fist (Battering Pattern Mix)
7. Terrorism - Scorched Earth Coalition
8. Exploring Jezebel - Thailandese Small Cock

this glorious new compilation first became available last night at the prurient/clay rendering/lussuria/dual action show at home sweet home that paid tribute to the late euronymous of mayhem fame.

p.m. tremblay of akitsa (and many others) served as the DJ for the evening (best between-set songs I've ever heard, by the way) of sounds that ranged from warm and soothing to as harsh and chaotic as it gets.

every set was great, but prurient had a lot to live up to after his performance at saint vitus a few months ago. but I knew he wouldn't disappoint - he tore through a half-hour of material in as brutal and beautiful a manner as one can.

it was a great night of music at a venue my girlfriend and I hadn't been to previously - a welcome change of pace from seeing almost all shows at either saint vitus or the acheron. I love those venues, but sometimes it's good to mix things up.

anyway, I was on a mission to grab a copy of this compilation and that I did. the artists roster isn't quite as varied as I had hoped, but the material here is, as always, excellent and it ends on a very ambient, experimental note with fernow's exploring jezebel track.

I'm not sure when, where, or even if this will be available elsewhere, so do what you can to track it down...although it will probably be available at the next couple of shows, as will another new compilation, a new exploring jezebel release, and two new geography of hell yeah, I'm a little jealous of those of you in chicago and grand if someone out there wants to grab me any of those, it would be much appreciated.

(for preview purposes only.)


  1. Nice one!

    I am equal parts grateful and jealous...

    1. haha I would be, too...just wish some of those other releases could've been ready for this show...

  2. That Terrorism track is evil! Thanks for sharing this.
    I just hope I'll be able to track that new Exploring Jezebel release down without being forced to pay through the nose for it on discogs.

  3. Thanks I missed that Chicago show. This will somehow make up for it

  4. Thanks for this rip. I'm glad someone is still sharing good stuff.

    1. you're very welcome, and thanks for the kind words.

  5. Nooo! This links down.. I cant lose this for good, please re-up