Wednesday, August 6, 2014

hagalaz - session two.

Hagalaz - Session II


20.3 MB

1. Intro
2. Sadist One
3. Exposed To Hell
4. Stench In Dead Winds
5. Upon
6. Hyms

extremely raw, noisy, and punishing black metal courtesy of holland's zeitgeists publishing, a label well-known for meticulously detailed packaging.

and this release is no different.

colored, translucent paper with black printing, inserts, black bags - this one has it all. if you've ever seen (or handled) any other zeitgeists releases, you know what to expect. they've put out material from greats like sutekh hexen, tollund men, and natural assembly, as well as a handful of lesser-known but equally intriguing artists.

the music here is filled with blistering riffs, hateful shrieks, and frenetic noise - an essential listen for any fans of this blog or raw black metal in general.

there are only a few copies so left, so grab one quickly. shipping to the united states from holland isn't cheap, but until die song's store goes up, we'll all have to make do.

and the great music inside this gorgeous, hand-crafted packaging is worth it.

(buy a copy from zeitgeists publishing.)

(for preview purposes only.)


  1. "harsh, noisy black metal"?? On it. Love the Zeitgeist stuff :)

    1. this is definitely right up your alley, and zeitgeists always delivers.

  2. Hey, could you upload this again? Would love to hear this before I decide to purchase! If not, all good! Thanks for the heads up :)