Tuesday, February 19, 2013

bandcamp roundup, part one - noise.

in my constant search for music that's more and more extreme, harsh noise and power electronics seem like very logical points of interest. unfortunately, because so much of this music is released on cassette in very limited quantities, I had never been able to sample as much of the genre as I had always wanted...but then bandcamp swooped in and made harsh, mind-melting, and, most importantly, hard-to-find noise available to the masses. so here, for your listening (dis)pleasure, are some of my favorite bandcamp noise discoveries.

herukrat - first posted on svn okklt about a month ago, this demo is awesome and deserves to heard. so far it's the only release available but I'm hopeful there will be others soon. harsh, bleak, and unforgiving.

chondritic sound - this los angeles-based label already got a shout-out in my previous post about darkwave, but they also have a fantastic selection of noise releases. definitely check out both redrot releases as well as the sole chainfight release.

gomeisa - this one was totally new to me. the brainchild of cole peters, he produces extended voids of harsh noise that envelope the listener in complete chaos. so far only gomeisa releases are up, but I assume there will be more in the future. my favorite so far is "blossoming flesh."

crucial blast - I'm sure most of you are very familiar with this label, but did you know they have a fantastic bandcamp? with releases from theologian, vomir, gnaw their tongues, wold, and more, this page is a one-stop-shop for noise, black, and avant-garde metal of the highest caliber. I've been listening to the demonologists/hhl split on repeat recently.

utech records - another new one (to me, at least), these albums feature not only excellent stirring, rhythmic noise but great cover art, too. my current favorite is delusion of hope - lots of soft, almost melodic ambience mixed with harsh electronics topped and off with an occasional live drum performance. lo pan is definitely worth a listen as well.

on a related note - if anyone at posh isolation, strange rules, worthless recordings, sick head, or hospital productions is listening: you need bandcamp pages. like, now.


help us out.

feel free to chime in with your own discoveries in the comments.

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