Thursday, July 20, 2017

unholy vampyric slaughter sect - canticle bound in spirit - the faith in vampyric blood.

Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - Canticle Bound In Spirit - The Faith In Vampyric Blood


40.76 MB

1. In The Blood There Is No Quiet
2. The Flesh Is A Tomb I Shall Not Want
3. Drawn From The Rose Pillar
4. And I Shall Come To Thee As An Iron Wolf
5. Follow Me Through Thine Dream Of Dying Orchids
6. Upon My Tears The More She Wept In The Ivory Light Of The Moon

great stuff right here.

fresh from the latest perverse homage batch, this is the longest UVSS tape yet, with a slightly more refined sound and a real sense of purpose.

the ambient portions do exactly what they need to do, and that little hint of melody really pushes it over the edge.

don't misunderstand - that raw brutality is still here in spades, but the variety of sounds really help the more violent sections stand out.

copies should be arriving at analog worship and found remains soon, so keep an eye out.

highest recommendation.

(for unholy purposes only.)


  1. Great rip! I had trouble telling where one track began and the other ended at times, so your guess is as good as any with where you did them.

    1. agreed, this was a tricky one to split up.

    2. and thanks for the kind words!

  2. Just been introduced to this excellent noise but it only appears to be thefirst 6 tracks. Any chance of the rest along with all of For the Sect.

    1. there are only six tracks on this release...program repeats on both sides.

      if you want all of for the sect, shoot me an email and I'll send a link!