Tuesday, July 12, 2016

un regard froid - devoir.génétique.violence.hiérarchie.

Un Regard Froid - Devoir.Génétique.Violence.Hiérarchie


38.7 MB

1. Devoir
2. Génétique
3. Violence
4. Hiérarchie

power electronics of the highest order from un regard froid, courtesy of NSN.

searing tones and brutal textures, all over far too soon...looking forward to more from this project.

past releases are available via the artist's bandcamp.

great packaging on this one, too...large clamshell case, inserts, and a patch.

another worthy addition to the NSN catalog, and the next batch can't come soon enough.

(buy this [and more] from NSN.)

(for cold purposes only.)

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