Wednesday, April 20, 2016

various artists - remise/assume.

Various Artists - Remise/Assume



1. Flysch - Edged: NW 23.10
2. False Moniker - One Arm, One Leg
3. Händer Som Vårdar - Can't
4. Elisha Morningstar - Ghost Wife
5. Slow Listener - Brook's Scowl
6. Minais B - Syrener Og
7. Daphine And Lyndsey - Llantwitt
8. Vasculae - Emulation Formula
9. Wanda Group - Ave Manila
10. Cremation Lily - Love, Made And Remade

the 100th release from zen's strange rules label.

can't believe he's finally hit triple digits.

this compilation represents the full scope of zen's releasing efforts - field recordings, harsh drones, noise, and a whole lot of ghostly, ominous melodies woven throughout.

very ghostly...that's the first adjective that came to mind but it really holds true. whenever I listen to any of zen's releases, I feel the sound calling out for visual accompaniment...and while I've made visuals to some of zen's music before, one clip isn't doesn't do the label justice.

maybe one day...

copies are sold out from the source but one is available on discogs.

don't miss this crowning achievement from one of the best, most consistent labels around.

(for assumption purposes only.)

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