Tuesday, December 15, 2015

noctívago - III.

Noctívago - III


36.6 MB

1. É Tarde
2. Eu Não Sei
3. Persiste
4. Decompassado
5. É Tarde II
6. Levou

as one might surmise by the tags at the bottom of this post, I had a difficult time choosing a genre for this new release from noctívago, courtesy of fallow field.

the music is pretty funereal, but the vocals are pretty post-punk-y, and then there's a lengthy ambient ending.

it's all very melancholic and covered in a dark haze.

certainly an interesting release, as is the case with everything that fallow field puts out, and definitely worth your time.

all of the new fallow field releases (expectedly) sold out, so keep an eye on discogs.

(for preview purposes only.)


  1. bummed I missed this update - I can never be sure if a new FF batch will involve gold like this or noise I end up trading to friends. thanks for the upload.