Sunday, March 15, 2015

purity of essence - smířit.

Purity Of Essence - Smířit


90.99 MB

1. Brotherhood 1989
2. Atlantic (Hydrocodone Dream)
3. Bound by Biological Indifference Pt. 1
4. Bound by Biological Indifference Pt. 2

here we have a brand new collection of industrial drones and destruction from the founder of unseen force - who's also responsible for painted woman - released by australia's mazurka editions.

it's gloomy and overcast in brooklyn today, and these ominous compositions match that mood perfectly.

double cassette, packaged in a heavy-duty vinyl case with artwork printed on vellum paper, in an edition of only twenty-two copies.

mazurka flew under my radar for way too long, but I'm glad they were finally brought to my attention. great aesthetic and really solid sounds from unfamiliar me, at least.

these are all sold out from the label, but maybe unseen force will get a copy or two.

what unseen force does have right now, however, is a new purity of essence tape that's being billed as a "companion piece" to this set, so grab that via the link below before it's long-gone.

(buy the companion piece from unseen force.)

(buy something from mazurka editions.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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