Monday, September 29, 2014

summer isle / aught void.

summer isle is the a brand new label started by sole death kneel member max klebanoff and sole RM member rita mikhael.

cassette releases sit right alongside zines in the summer isle store and the aesthetic is nothing if not consistently stark and beautiful.

both "crown vetch"  by RM and "french farewell" by death kneel feature great packaging and a host of extras, ranging from buttons to business cards.

and although it isn't a summer isle release, death kneel has another new tape, lilac & benzine, out now on aught void - another label that came to my attention only recently. the packaging for this one is simply beautiful - a clear cassette tucked inside a stamped manila envelope along with a zine and a dried lilac.

seriously, it's perfect in both form and content, and easily stands as one of my favorite tapes so far this year. and while you're over at the aught void bandcamp page, be sure to check out their newest release from vomir, as well as the harsh noise waltz compilation.

honestly, I can't recommend any these releases highly enough. max only has two releases under his "death kneel" belt but he and rita are well on their way to being a truly unique creative force in the power electronics scene.

at this point, my only concern is his ability to sustain such a high level of quality going forward...but it's definitely been done before.

I'm genuinely excited for the future of their musical projects and label and you should be, too, so do your best to support them in these early days.

(summer isle on bandcamp.)

(aught void on bandcamp.)

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