Wednesday, April 30, 2014

breaking the will / nyodene d / steel hook prostheses.

Breaking The Will / Nyodene D / Steel Hook Prostheses - Industrial - Historical Document One: Tuskegee Syphilis Study


133.66 MB

1. Breaking The Will - Intro 1 - History
2. Breaking The Will - Intro 2 - Legacy (Featuring Gnawed)
3. Breaking The Will - Trust In America
4. Breaking The Will - Industrial, Medical & Educational Infrastructure In The Deep South
5. Breaking The Will - Untreated Syphilis (Featuring Corpuscle)
6. Nyodene D - Hierarchy Of Sores
7. Nyodene D - Raping A Slave (Swans cover)
8. Nyodene D - Hottentot Venus
9. Steel Hook Prostheses - Tincture
10. Steel Hook Prostheses - Syphilitic

new forces never ceases to amaze with the quality of their releases - from both a sound and presentation perspective. multiple cassettes, well-designed inserts and packaging - every release is truly special.

this one is obviously no exception. a triple cassette split between three different prolific power electronics acts - breaking the will, nyodene d, and steel hook prostheses - "historical document one" finds all three at the top of their respective games with ten tracks of thematically-linked ferocity.

the inserts contain the standard track listing information along with some lyrics and background info on the tuskegee syphilis experiments. without getting into the politics of that situation, it's certainly an interesting theme from which to create an album.

and if the intended goal was brutal, horrific ugliness in audio form, well, mission accomplished.

I was able to pick this up on the cheap via discogs, where two more copies are currently available - although not quite at the price I paid. nevertheless, any and every new forces release is worthy of your dollars, so do what you can to grab this one and any others you come across.

(for preview purposes only.)


  1. I bought this from New Forces when it came out...cracking set! Why the hell didn't I post it? Ah Well hahaha

  2. haha well I'm glad one of us could get it out there...