Monday, March 17, 2014

alo girl - statutory limitations.

Alo Girl - Statutory Limitations


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my package from total black finally arrived today and it's easily the most epic package I've ever received - two LPs, three t-shirts, three seven-inches, ten cassettes, and a whole bunch of posters. honestly, I don't even know what to say. my jaw dropped when I opened it.

and although it was quite a wait, I'm absolutely ecstatic with the contents. from the music to the packaging, everything about this latest batch is absolutely, unequivocally top-notch. seriously, I can't get over how blown away I am with these releases and brett's efforts to make them all a reality.

alo girl is a project from cristiano renzoni, who runs urashima and whom you might recognize as one-half of an innocent young throat-cutter. this release is more harsh noise wall in that vein, and reminds me of a lot of werewolf jerusalem material - the static is brittle, almost fragile, threatening to break apart at any minute. the tape itself comes sealed inside of an oversized envelope with an insert.

sold out from the source, one copy is available on discogs right now. as with all total black releases, you won't be disappointed if you do manage to track it down.

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