Tuesday, November 12, 2013

various artists - field tales.

Various Artists - Field Tales


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1. Mania - Natural Feelings Of Repugnance
2. Satori - Re-Infect
3. Whorebutcher - The Simplest Truth
4. Control - Abduction
5. Streicher - Teutonicus Furor
6. Diagram: A - Demonstration #9
7. Circuit Wound - Everything Turns Grey
8. Atrax Morgue - Myself As A Corpse
9. Priest In Shit - Language In Shit
10. Âmes Sanglantes - Strikeback
11. Macronympha - Harvest
12. Furisubi - X
13. Grunt - Fist Of Attention
14. The Teeth - Hidden Sex
15. The Urge Within - Rostov Killing Fields
16. The Grey Wolves - Mile High Suicide Squad
17. Slow Death - Skin Penetrating
18. Survival Unit - Born Into Slavery
19. Stegm - Chanteuse/Spring Thaw
20. Disease Management - Breadwinner
21. Prurient - Afflicted With Disease
22. Control - Demise
23. Nicole 12 - Teen Romance

I'm sure many of you have heard of this compilation, but I'm sure not nearly as many have actually heard the wonders contained within. released more than a decade ago by a very familiar, very excellent record label, field tales is a crucial document in the history of not only that label, but of modern noise music as well. I'm proud to say that I finally own a copy and I'm unbelievably excited to be able to share it with all of you.

just take one look at that track list - further encouragement shouldn't be necessary. mania, atrax morgue, prurient, âmes sanglantes, nicole 12, grunt, macronympha - honestly, what else can I say to make it more obvious that this is an essential release? the sounds here range from harsh to ambient, and the sequencing, as with all compilations from this label, is perfect.

released in 2002, this compilation spans three c60 cassettes that all come in the standard thin vinyl case we all know and love, with an insert featuring collage-style artwork. if you've got the cash, don't hesitate - buy a copy right now.

a couple are sitting on discogs so grab one before they disappear.

(sides a and b.)

(sides c and d.)

(sides e and f.)

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